Remix OS, il progetto nato su Kickstarter nel 2014, è giunto al capolinea, tanto da annunciare il termine dello sviluppo del sistema operativo e di tutte le sue diverse implementazioni.

Remix OS: sistema operativo e non solo

Ecco il comunicato ufficiale rilasciato dall’azienda:

We started Jide Technology in 2014 with the mission to unlock the potential of Android and accelerate a new age of computing. From day one, our goal was to create products that could help bring the next billion people online, encourage productivity and remove barriers of access to information and technology. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved with Remix OS and the response it’s garnered from around the world. But more importantly, we couldn’t have done it without the Kickstarter community.

The Kickstarter community was the first to accept our vision in 2014. Unlocking productivity in Android, the Remix Ultratablet introduced Jide and Remix OS to the world. With the positive reception of the initial concept, we soon gave birth to the world’s first true Android PC – Remix Mini. And following the success of Remix Mini, we brought Remix OS for PC to all PCs around the world. For each and every backer and user who supported us, large or small, it was you who pushed us to break barriers and seek new horizons. We are eternally grateful for your support.

Over the past year, we received an increasing number of inquiries from enterprises in various industries, and began helping them build great tools for their organizations by leveraging Jide software and hardware. We see huge potential in the role that Jide can play to revolutionize how these businesses operate. And given our existing resources, we decided to focus our company efforts solely on the enterprise space moving forward.

We’ll be restructuring our approach to Remix OS and transitioning away from the consumer space. As a result, development on all existing products such as Remix OS for PC as well as products in our pipeline such as Remix IO and IO+ will be discontinued. Full refunds will be issued to ALL BACKERS via Kickstarter for both Remix IO and Remix IO+. In addition any purchases made via our online store that has remained unfulfilled will also be fully refunded. This requires no action from you as we will begin issuing refunds starting August 15th.

Note: It may take ten business days for the refund to appear on a backer’s credit or debit card statement. If the initial refund attempt is unsuccessful, we will ensure all refunds are successfully processed. For both Kickstarter backers and online store purchasers, once a refund has been successfully processed, you will receive an email indicating the amount of the refund and the payment source refunded.

We’d like to take this moment to thank our incredible community, who’ve joined us on this journey in the last three years to helped us build Remix OS. We very much believe that the future of computing is with Android and we’re excited for the role Jide will play in this amazing ecosystem.

Remix OS sarà comunque installabile fino all’ultima versione sviluppata e ci tocca sperare che, quantomeno, si crei un nuovo fork che porti avanti questo progetto che ha visto non solo l’estinzione di Remix OS ma anche di tutti i Remix IO e IO+